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VIVOSUN GIY PRO Smart Grow Tent Kit, 2x2ft 1-Plant System, WiFi-Integrated Automatic


Complete Pro Kit Included: 24″x24″x48″ PRO Grow Tent; AeroLight A100SE 100W LED Grow Light; AeroZesh T4 4″ Duct Fan; AeroWave E6 Clip Fan; GrowHub E42A Controller; 4″ Carbon Filter; 4″ Prefilter; 4″ 8ft Ducting; 4″ Clamp×2; 24”×24” Trellis Net; 5 Gal Grow Bag×5; 4″ Vent Cover×2; Pruning Shears; 100m Twist Tie; Sticky Trap×20; Plant Tag×20; Hook & Loop Cable Tie×10; 5ft Aluminum Ducting Tape; Garden Gloves; Rope Hanger×4 
PRO Grow Tent: The thickened fabric with enlarged window prevents light leakage for optimized yields while allowing easy viewing; Robust 1″ steel poles with extra hanging bars reinforce structural integrity, supporting up to 150lbs; Transform the tent into a self-contained smart garden environment with the complete accessories set for seamless plant care from seed to harvest 

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2-in-1 Built-In Fan Light: The integrated circulatory fan supplements full-spectrum LED lighting to create uniform canopy airflow for balanced environmental conditions; Fully programmable control intuitively delivers optimized full-cycle lighting to boost plants growth through each phase 
Efficient Fans for Ventilation: The AeroZesh inline duct fan provides strong, energy-efficient airflow with quiet mixed-flow operation and adjustable PWM speed control; The AeroWave clip fan features 90° automatic horizontal oscillation, 80° manual vertical adjustment and 10 wind speed modes for optimal directional airflow 
Smart Grow with GrowHub E42A: With a built-in temp and humidity gauge and one probe, the GrowHub E42A Controller monitors changes in both the internal and external environment including VPD; WiFi connectivity and app control allow you to access real-time data and remotely manage equipment from anywhere


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