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Indoor Garden Hydroponics Growing System


5 Times Faster Than Soil】The DUESI indoor garden hydroponics growing system has established a good indoor growth environment for plant growth. The hydroponic growth system makes the plant grow 5 times faster than the plants in the soil, which is more convenient and healthy. Simply add plant seeds, water, and nutrients to hydroponic devices to watch the growth of plants. 
【2 Growing Modes】The hydroponic growing system with full-spectrum technology is more suitable for planting 2 different growing modes: Veggies and Fruits. The Veggie Mode enhances the BLUE light helping plants green leaves lush, and the Fruit Mode enhances the RED light ensuring plants flowering and fruiting. As the plants grow, you can adjust the light panel to create a more suitable environment for your plants(19″ Maximum).

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Once open the “Pump” button, the pump system runs on/off automatically.(30mins On/ 30mins OFF)
Mix water and nutrients, delivering nutrients and sufficient oxygen to the roots of your plants.
Only Consume 0.15L water/day, this hydroponics comes with a 4.5L big water tank, 4L water can feed your plants at least 20 days. 
We suggest to change the water and nutrients every 15-20 days to ensure healthy growth for your plants.


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